Cavity Trays has designed a bespoke damp protection system for the doors and windows of an apartment development faced in blue lias stone with projecting Hamstone features.

The construction required horizontal dampproof protection across the window head that also extended downwards to provide insulated protection to the window reveals. The Hamstone is effectively separated from, but linked to, the outer and inner masonry skins. At the bottom of the opening the insulated reveal protection interfaces with a sill Cavitray, so that every opening is effectively “framed” with an uninterrupted dampproof arrangement.

Bonded to the rear face of each protective frame was phenolic insulation to provide a thermal barrier around the entire opening, to more than satisfy Building Regulation requirements.

One of the benefits of the bespoke design was that protection could be provided in a standardised profile, yet applied on openings of different and variable dimensions.

Water arrested by the bespoke Cavitrays is discharged via discreet Caviweeps, which are virtually unnoticeable in the stone facade.

Cavity Trays