Consultant says it must set an example to clients by reducing energy consumption

Consultant Davis Langdon has announced it is to become a carbon neutral business

The consultant is to run its offices more sustainably and will be looking at how it can offset its carbon emissions.

Senior partner Rob Smith said that the move would set an example to clients. “Unless companies such as Davis Langdon addressed environmental problems then the future will be bleak.”

He added that the move to carbon neutrality would have to be thought through carefully and that carbon offsetting would be considered.

“We’ll be doing the usual things like shutting down PCs, turning off lights, recycling, looking carefully at our paper consumption. And then looking at other things such as modes of transport and trying to work with similarly concerned companies.”

“I think the future of the life we are used to comes down to what we do in the next ten years to see if we will even have a future.”