Davis Langdon is to open an engineering academy in the Philippines to counter a worldwide skills shortage.

The international cost consultant is planning to build the academy in Manila, and is expected to firm up the plans for the project at its next world board meeting in Dublin later in the year.

Rob Smith, senior partner at Davis Langdon, said that the centre would supply staff to all parts of the world where the firm operated.

He said: "The problem isn't just in the UK - it's in every market where we work. The idea is that this academy will feed not only into local markets but into our other worldwide offices."

Smith added that Manila was an ideal location for the academy because a large part of the Filipino economy was based on workers moving overseas and then remitting money back support their families.

Davis Langdon already supports universities in many of its markets through its Academic Foundation, which offers financial assistance and visiting speakers for construction and property courses.

The firm is also in the final stages of rebranding its Davis Langdon Farrow Laing business in South Africa. It will be known simply as Davis Langdon.

However, the firm plans to keep its Davis Langdon & Seah name in Asia.