Shona Dunn is set to succeed Anne Hemming in January, Mark Coulshed is made interim head

Shona Dunn is to be named successor to the late Anne Hemming, who was formerly in charge of Building Regulations at the DCLG. It is understood that she will take over the buildings division when she returns from maternity leave in January.

The DCLG has named Mark Coulshed, head of the local government strategy and research unit, as interim head of the division. This appointment was announced as part of a reorganisation of the DCLG, that took effect on Monday.

As part of the changes, the buildings division has been renamed the sustainable buildings division.

Dunn was formerly at the corporate business and delivery division at the ODPM. She will report to the director of new homes and sustainable development. Wells reports to Richard McCarthy, the director-general of the DCLG’s programmes, policy and innovation group.

Hemming, who died in a cycling accident in August, was a key figure in the DCLG’s plans to reform the Building Regulations.

Angela Smith, the minister in charge of the regulations, reiterated her commitment to the reforms at the Labour party conference last Thursday.

The DCLG withdrew guidance from Part F, the regulations that deal with ventilation, on Monday. This recommended that new windows be fitted with trickle ventilators.

The department acted under pressure from the Glass and Glazing Federation, which said the measure would deter owners from replacing their windows. The federation will publish best practice guidance.