Work will start on new biomass power plant after cooling towers are cleared on August 24

A date has been set for the demolition of the Tinsley cooling towers near Sheffield.

Tinsley Cooling Towers

The M1 motorway will be closed when the towers are brought down by energy company E.On on Sunday 24 August.

Thousands of people have signed petitions calling for the preservation of the 76m-high Tinsley Towers and Sheffield art group Go proposed that the towers be turned into a giant art installation.

Derek Parkin, from E.On, said: "Our priority has always been to make sure this demolition is carried out safely and with as little disruption as possible, which is why we've opted for the early hours of the morning."

E.On will build a £60m biomass power station on the site, which will produce energy for 40,000 homes.

More pictures of the towers by can be seen at <a html="" target="_blank"> 28 days later </a>.