'People mover' will serve more than 200,000 people in Jebel Ali mixed-use scheme

Developer Limitless is inviting bids for a public transport network to serve its Downtown Jebel Ali mixed-use scheme in Dubai.

The company expects to award the contract for its so-called “people mover” by the middle of this year.

Downtown Jebel Ali, the bulk of which will be residential, is already being built. When complete it will house 200,000 people across more than 300 buildings.

The people mover is described by the developer as a “quiet, convenient and environmentally-friendly alternative to the car”. It will carry residents and visitors around each of the four zones that make up the 200ha development.

Salah Ameen, the project director, said: “Downtown Jebel Ali will be a development where people can live, work and visit without owning a car.”