18 injured as violence spreads to capital

Rioters have attacked a South-Korean construction site in Libya, injuring 18 workers and looting computers and machinery, Seoul has said.

Around 500 armed Libyans stormed the site 30km west of the capital Tripoli at around 3am GMT this morning, according to newswire reports.

15 Bangladeshis were hurt, including two who suffered serious stab wounds, as were three South Koreans.

“Computers and some heavy machinery were stolen but we do not know how much the damage will cost at the moment,” said a South Korean official, Baik Joo-Hyeon.

It is unclear whether the attack is politically motivated or opportunistic looting.

Reports suggest there are over 1,000 Bangladeshi workers on site and 40-50 South Koreans.

Last Thursday another Korean construction site was invaded by Libyan rioters in the eastern coastal town of Darnah, AFP reported, but this latest attack is a sign that violence is spreading westwards to Tripoli, which so far has remained in the hands of the government.