Contractor disputes liability for cover-pricing at Concentra, which it sold off in 2007

Durkan Limited and Durkan Holdings have vowed to appeal against more than half of the fines imposed on them by the OFT.

In today’s findings, Concentra, a former subdivision of the Hertfordshire-based firm previously called Durkan Pudelek, was slapped with a fine of £3.1m.

Durkan Limited and Durkan Holdings were fined a combined £3.3m, by the OFT, £142,000 of which was imposed on Durkan Holdings alone.

Durkan said it had sold Concentra Gombe Group in 2007 and before it became involved in cover-pricing activities. Durkan Pudelek was rebranded as Concentra in July last year.

Durkan said it would “robustly defend its position” maintaining that there was no legal basis for the firm being found liable for the conduct of Concentra.

“The OFT’s decision to find Durkan Holdings liable for Concentra is no more than a tactic to up the amount [it] can fine. Without the turnover of Durkan Holdings the fine the OFT could impose would be a lot lower,” it said in a statement.