Japanese luxury carmaker arrives in the UK following successful European launch

Consultant EC Harris has completed work on the first Infiniti car dealership in the UK. The firm provided project management, cost management and CDMC services on the showroom located on the A33 gateway to Reading.

EC Harris managed a total built asset solution for Lebanese automotive dealer RYMCO International. The firm is principle dealer partner with Infiniti in the south of the UK.

Infiniti is Nissan’s luxury arm. The marque, which has been enjoying success in the US for nearly 20 years, has been introduced to the UK market following a successful European launch last year.

Located on prominent urban sites, the retail centres – as they are called - are integrated in the whole brand launch.

Showroom interiors take inspiration from luxury hotel design, featuring a lobby, lounge and a gallery that can accommodate at least six cars, exhibited like individual sculptures.

The new Infiniti 'retail centre' near Reading

Catherine Tobiasinsky, head of retail at EC Harris, said: “Reading showroom is said to be one of the best representations of the global Infiniti brand standard anywhere and we are proud of our role in helping deliver this success.”

The centre also includes the UK headquarters.

With a small portfolio of high performance cars, the company hopes its subtle take on luxury will have Japanese cultural and aesthetic heritage at its core.

Eleven more Infiniti centres are scheduled to open in the UK within the next two years.