Consultant reports rising business in Europe, Asia and UAE

Consultant EC Harris has posted a 16% turnover increase to £203m for the 2006-2007 financial years.

The group also recorded a 16% profit jump from the previous financial year to £29.8m following investment of £7.5m.

More than 25% of its profit came from Europe, Asia and the Middle East, the fastest growing market for EC Harris with turnover rising from £7m to £14m in the year.

Operations in Shanghai and Hong Kong performed well in a strengthening market, growing fee income by 15%.

Richard Clare, chairman of EC Harris, said: "These results show that we continue to develop as an international innovator and leader with a clear positioning as the client’s trusted advisor wherever they operate.

"We have served indigenous clients in most European countries, the UAE and are looking to increase the quality and value of assets in developing markets."

Turnover in the UK grew from £138.6m to £154.7m across a spread of clients in the public, infrastructure and property sectors.