Architect and interior design firm's design for a business HQ boasts 100% renewable energy

Architect and interior design firm Penson Group has revealed the initial design for an office building called the Vestry in Kent.

Close to the M26 motorway, the headquarters for an unamed blue chip company, claims to be one of the most sustainable buildings to date.

The building uses 100% renewable energy from on site sources and modern northern lights to reduce artificial light loadings.

It also boasts a faceted roof made from bold linear forms which will be covered with grass, with an internal wall continuing out into the car park that transforms into hedges.

Lee Penson, the firm's chief executive officer, said: “If one was to fly over this building in one's Cessna you would hardly be able to see it within the greenbelt context.”

The car park will have grass-crete surfacing, removing the need for drainage. Rain water is to be stored utilising the northern light roof structure and stored under ground and pumped through the building in veins to help cool the building during summer months.