The Egan demonstration projects are taking huge steps to slash defects, according to key performance indicator figures released at Monday’s conference.

In all, 90% of Movement for Innovation projects achieved a defects score of eight out of 10, compared with the industry average of 65% of projects. The figures showed that all 31 projects measured beat the industry standard for 1999 in each category.

The projects scored 57% for time predictability in the design process – considerably greater than the industry average of 37%. Figures for safety were also impressive. The projects suffered an average of 658 accidents per 100 000 staff in 1999. The industry average was 1037.

The statistics also showed that contractors on demonstration projects enjoyed pre-tax margins of 8%, compared with the 4.7% given as the industry standard. Davis Langdon Consulting partner John Connaughton, also a Movement for Innovation board member, said he was delighted: “I feel very encouraged but there is still potential for improvement.”

An Internet portal for industry best-practice groups was also launched at Monday’s conference. Called the Knowledge Exchange, it offers links to web sites from the Movement for Innovation, the Construction Best Practice Programme, the Construction Industry Board and other industry bodies.Its address is

John Hobson, head of the DETR’s construction directorate, said: “Having a Rethinking Construction Internet gateway and joint search facility will make life easier for anyone in the industry looking for innovation and best-practice information.“