Client develops new publicly available online tool with consultant Jacobs for contractors to use on schemes

The Environment Agency has produced an online carbon calculator to assess the impact of its future construction projects. Working with Jacobs Consultants, the EA has created an excel spreadsheet which calculates the embodied carbon dioxide of materials and the CO2 emissions associated with their transportation.

The calculator can be used to assess:

  • The sustainability of different designs and resources
  • Impacts of personal travel
  • Impacts of site energy use and waste management
  • Areas where projects can make ‘big win’ carbon savings
  • The project’s total carbon footprint

The Carbon Footprint Calculator, which will be mandatory on all EA major construction projects from November 2007, has been made available to construction companies, contractors and consultants to use in their own projects. The tool can be downloaded from the Environmental Agency’s website.


The tool has already drawn praise from industry blogger Martin Brown. Writing in his 'Isite' blog Brown described it as easy to use, sensible and straightforward in post late last month.