Eurobond has developed a recycling route that could eliminate the need for landfill disposal of its composite cladding panels. Working in partnership with Corus, Rockwool and Sims Recycling Solutions, Eurobond has successfully tested the process for the first time. Waste panels taken from a site in Ireland, where Magners cider is produced, have been virtually 100% recycled, to meet the client’s aim to minimise the environmental impact of its building extension.

Eurobond composite panels have a Rockwool mineral wool core bonded to pre-finished steel internal and external sheets. They are used widely for internal walls and cladding, where the demand is for a low risk building in terms of fire and environmental impact.

In the new process, Sims Recycling Solutions can successfully, and cost effectively, separate the steel and mineral wool for delivery back to Corus and Rockwool. As both companies are already set up to accept waste product, it can then be recycled back into their manufacturing processes.

“We have successfully demonstrated that a Eurobond panel can be part of a closed loop recycling process,” said Eurobond Managing Director, Simon Thomas. “Many companies claim the ‘recyclable’ badge but few have proved their products to be as truly recyclable as Eurobond’s, where all component parts can be genuinely reused to make the same products again.”

The internal and external walls of the new Magners bottling hall extension in Clonmel has been constructed using 6000m² of Eurobond Europanel Extra 125mm, using Corus Colorcoat HPS200®. The construction required the dismantling of an existing Europanel Extra external wall, to allow an extension to be added to the standing structure. It was these waste panels, totalling about 800m², which have been recycled.

J M Allen Architects designed the new extension, and was keen to ensure that a responsible route was sought for the panels that needed to be disposed of as a consequence of the new design. “Recycling and reuse of building materials is now high on the construction industry’s agenda,” said John Allen. “We specified Eurobond for this project as not only does the Europanel product offer the best environmental performance for composite panel products - from cradle to grave - but the company was also able to reduce the environmental impact of the demolition work that was required.”

“Eurobond is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products from cradle to grave in the life of a building” concludes Simon Thomas. “We believe that as a manufacturer all parts of the supply chain must work together to reduce the environmental impact of a product, and this project is a prime example of this approach.

“Eurobond has worked closely with Corus, Rockwool and Sims Recycling Solutions so together we can offer our customers a true recycling route for our product.”

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