Green design lecturer claims Santa is ‘moving with the times’ and prefers more energy efficient homes

Father Christmas would be happy if he never had to go down another chimney again, according to an architect who specialises in sustainable architecture.

Huw Heywood, senior lecturer at the University of Portsmouth, claims Father Christmas would prefer green, zero-carbon houses designed to combat climate change - despite the fact such design usually means no chimney.

He said: “Chimneys have always been the traditional route for Father Christmas to enter houses and drop off presents on Christmas Eve but he is moving with the times.

“Anyone from Lapland understands climate change better than most because the effects of it can be seen all around.

“He understands chimneys are just a way of precious heat escaping into the atmosphere. The same applies to small flues for efficient wood burning stoves - and in any case, you can’t pass an elephant through the eye of needle.

“Father Christmas's working environment has been significantly improved by architectural research into green roofs which, being flat, also happen make ideal landing sites for his reindeer sled teams.

“Green building design means he can warm his feet on the photovoltaic cells - solar panels on roofs or walls which provide renewable energy, while his reindeer refuel from the rainwater collection system on flat roofs, too. It’s a win-win situation.”

Mr Heywood has practised as an architect in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Germany and England and specialises in environmentally friendly design. He teaches environmental and sustainable design at Portsmouth.