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  • Good Employer Guide 2018 GEG

    Building Good Employer Guide 2018: Taking the initiative


    Our new Good Employer Guide Award is looking at five key areas in which companies are working to keep their staff happy and feeling valued, encouraging innovation, and finding new ways to attract fresh talent

  • 20th-September-2018-Roundtable186-copy

    Roundtable: The way forward for fire safety

    2018-10-12T06:00:00By Debika Ray, Rockwool

    Industry professionals discuss their verdict on Hackitt’s fire safety recommendations, with tougher sanctions, responsibility and a potential Joint Combined Authority in the spotlight.

  • BAMBOO 04_courtyard

    Asian innovation


    From on-site robots to bamboo construction, communal living and smart cities, here are some of the region’s most technologically impressive construction experiments

  • WideShot4 CYMK

    Reinventing construction: how does the industry keep up?

    2018-07-10T11:01:00By Debika Ray, Ryder Architecture

    At Ryder Architecture’s launch of the Reinvention for an Exceptional Construction Industry campaign, some of the industry’s key voices discussed the steps we need to take to transform the industry.

  • shutterstock_545999257

    Tailored to fit: is custom build going mainstream?


    Buyers frustrated with a lack of housing choices are fuelling a growing market for custom build, with new developments offering a range of customisable features. Is designing your own home going mainstream?

  • BSA survey result

    Will Hackitt make a difference?

    2018-06-29T06:00:00Sponsored by The Business Sprinkler Alliance, by Debika Ray

    The Business Sprinkler Alliance and Building asked readers what changes they expect as a result of the Hackitt review, and how soon these might come.  Debika Ray reports on the survey results

  • Roundtable.01_46_04_11.Still129

    Roundtable: Universal BIM

    2018-06-22T07:24:00By Debika Ray,

    BIM takeup is still increasing, but is the construction industry using it to its full potential? And how can all of the teams across a project be encouraged to do so?

  • Fire-and-Building-Regulations-Panel-Discussion-May-2018072-CMYK

    A safer future

    2018-06-01T06:00:00Sponsored by The Business Sprinkler Alliance, by Debika Ray

    As the Hackitt report publishes its findings on building regulations and fire safety, a panel put together by the Business Sprinkler Alliance discusses what needs to change to prevent another Grenfell disaster

  • World map

    Hays Salary Survey 2018: Moving up in the world


    Brexit may be looming but the prospect hasn’t yet forced an exodus from Britain’s construction industry

  • Bim 3 d model

    BIM take-up growing at highest rate since 2014


    But worries grow government is not enforcing 2016’s BIM Level 2 mandate

  • 19cover2

    BIM usage survey - what can help non-users get with the programme?


    This year’s BIM usage and attitudes survey by NBS reveals continued progress in the use of the technology. But 26% in the industry are still non-users

  • Groupshot

    Closing the gap: steps towards pay equality

    2018-04-05T15:49:00By Debika Ray,

    As the deadline to report gender pay gap approaches, Building and Aecom gathered top industry figures to debate how far gender equality has come in the construction industry, how far it still has to go – and how to get there

  • 10coversmall

    The problem with women


    As the deadline for companies to disclose their gender pay gap looms, Debika Ray looks at whether the industry is at last ready to take meaningful steps to remedy the problem

  • Tsc logo

    Top Specialist Contractors 2017


    While Brexit is a worry, their UK focus means most specialist contractors have less to fear than some, and workloads are healthy for now. But there are concerns about the pipeline ahead, and payment issues are a headache

  • Geg2017image1

    Good Employer Guide 2017: Beyond the nine to five


    As Brexit uncertainty looks set to constrain employers’ ability to recruit and the skills gap widens, Debika Ray looks at what benefits the best employers are providing this year to keep their offices happy – and full

  • Geg2017image1

    Good Employer Guide 2017: Reaching out


    Companies are engaging in outreach initiatives to make construction a more appealing career choice for young people. Debika Ray reports on how firms are working to recruit a diverse range of talented students, apprentices and people changing careers

  • Brain

    BIM survey 2017: Model answers


    Building’s annual BIM survey shows a growing gap between those embracing its potential and those still holding back. After a spike in interest coincided with last year’s BIM Level 2 mandate, take-up has slipped. But, Debika Ray reports, experts remain convinced that digitisation will continue apace

  • geg

    The benefits creating the most buzz


    Tough times have meant a shift in what employees value from their jobs. Debika Ray examines which benefits have emerged as the most sought-after in the altered landscape and what employers are doing to provide them

  • News

    Building launches legal online group


    Building's social networking site now hosts discussion forum for construction law

  • Comment

    Electronic disclosure: Paying lawyers to look at porn


    Because they get into a court case and have to disclose all kinds of electronic documents, no matter how embarrassing. And the cost of doing that can be spectacular. David Rogers and Debika Ray report on a growing problem

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