It seems not everyone is going to LFA events for the architecture, but they're enjoying themselves nonetheless

Thank you for the music

Matt, Mark and Claire

Mike: "We actually came here for the music."

Matt: "I googled ‘free London festival’ and this came up."

Claire: "I’m a building services engineer, so this is a little bit like work for me."

Mike: "I don’t really have a favourite building. There are a lot of crap ones. The shopping centre at Elephant and Castle – that must be about the ugliest building in Britain.

Matt: "I like the Gherkin a lot. Tate Modern. The tower at Colliers Wood is worse than Elephant and Castle. I think it was actually voted the worst by the general public."

Claire: "Nothing’s worse than the shops on Tottenham Court Road, if you ask me. But my favourite is probably the Salvation Army building on Queen Victoria Street. It’s a big glass building, really open and light and welcoming. But no-one seems to know anything about it!"
Matt, Mike and Claire

Architecture in mind

Sonia Leung

"I came here to see the architecture. I just finished studying for my graduate diploma at Manchester University. My favourite things so far? Definitely the V&A exhibition on China. I’m from Hong Kong, so it’s interesting to see how people react to this kind of design over here. I’m not so sure about the sustainable toilet though. My favourite building in London is the British Museum, with the interior by Norman Foster. It really represents England, with the classical exterior and the modern inside."
Sonia Leung

Foster fans

Sarah, Lesley, and Dave Glencross; Becky Green

Sarah: "We know someone involved with the Foster project. We came first thing this morning to help put hand-prints on the canvas. It was really fun for the younger children, everyone joined in. They’re all very friendly."

Lesley: "We’re going to help pull it up as well. They want everyone to do it, like a tug of war."

Becky: "What’s my favourite building? More London, down by the river. I have lots of good memories from there. Sitting in the Scoop Theatre."

Lesley: "I love St Paul’s, actually. And City Hall as well, I think it’s really interesting. And the Gherkin, of course. Oh, they’re both Foster buildings are they? Well no wonder we like this one too!"

Becky: "One I really hate is that one with all the lifts outside it, at Leadenhall. I used to work near it. The Lloyd’s Building, that’s it. Really ugly. He did the Millennium Dome too, I think. What’s his name? [Building informs Becky it is Richard Rogers] Well sorry Richard, I don’t like them at all."

Lesley: "Apparently Terminal 5 is quite nice."

Dave: "You get lots of time to hang around and appreciate it, too."
Sarah, Lesley, and Dave Glencross; Becky Green