The new Knauf Brio Dry Screed Floor Board is a gypsum fibre board for providing a strong, durable flat floor in new-build and refurbishment applications.

Its thermal transparency makes it suitable for use over underfloor heating and cooling systems. For ease of transport and handling the boards are 600mm or 1,200mm and weigh between 22kg and 30kg. Four types of board are available – Brio 18 (standard 18mm thick), Brio 23 (reinforced 23mm thick version for use with underfloor heating systems), Brio 18WF and Brio 23WF (composite boards with an additional 10mm laminated wood fibre layer providing high mechanical load resistance and footfall sound insulation).

Installing the Brio boards involves gluing the tiered edges and then screwing them together.

Knauf Drywall (309)