Building Sustainability teams up with the Energy Saving Trust to discover whether sustainability has been affected by the current downturn

Has the drive to design and build sustainable schemes been cast aside in the current downturn? It's a question that's been voiced by many in the industry in the past few months, with as yet patchy and unsure answers.

In a bid to get a better grasp of the impact of economic conditions on green buildings Building Sustainability has teamed up respected body the Energy Saving Trust (EST) to survey you on your experiences on projects.

The EST said the results of the survey would feed into its future work. “Given the current economic situation and the issues faced by the housing industry, we feel it is important to gauge what industry feel are the key issues in terms of sustainability and how much they know about them," said Matt Colmer, housing development manager at the EST. "This knowledge will inform the housing programme and allow it to provide the appropriate level of technical support and advice.”

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This short sustainability survey will try to unearth more specific information and data around the relationship between the dowturn and green practices. Two lucky readers will also win a £50 gift voucher with Nigel's Eco Store.