Geocel’s Great Stuff Pro multi-purpose fire-rated foam has now been certified with a five-hour fire rating. Suitable for filling gaps or cracks in fire-rated applications, the foam has been tested in accordance with BS 476 Part 20: 1987

The foam is coloured pink to make it easy to identify as a fire-rated product. It expands rapidly and cures to a semi-rigid cellular structure that can be cut, carved or sawn to virtually any shape.

Geocel says it is easy and safe to use, adheres to almost any substrate, can be painted or plastered over once cured and gives effective insulation against damp and draughts. It is also completely water-resistant when cured.

Great Stuff Pro is available in 750ml straw and gun application packs. The straw foam pack is acoustic-rated, meeting the foam sound reduction index W=db59.