Icopal has launched IcoSun, a lightweight, low-profile photovoltaic system suitable for new and refurbished flat roofs

The company claims it is able to generate electricity in lower levels of light than a rigid cell system and that it is capable of generating up to 50kWh/m2 per year.
The system comprises photovoltaic laminates bonded directly to a waterproofing membrane without the need for a supporting framework. The system can follow the shape of a roof with 40º pitch.

The Icopal waterproofing membrane comprises a polyolefine and bitumen compound with a polyester and glass reinforcement, which can be supplied as a single or double-layered, built up system. The photovoltaic laminate is then bonded to the smooth upper surface of the membrane in a secondary operation to minimise damage. Two 0.4m-wide photovoltaic laminate strips can be applied to a 1m-wide membrane section.

The system comes with a 20-year warranty.