Tory members of the London Assembly have complained that Sir Norman Foster's City Hall building is "falling apart"

The Conservative group has complained that last Monday staff reported temperatures rise as high as 28°C in the City Hall, and that on Tuesday the building was evacuated twice due to flooding on the lower ground floor.

Deputy leader of the London Assembly Conservatives, Angie Bray said: "If this is the standard of architecture he normally commissions then Londoners should be very worried."

The group is also complaining that flooding activated the building's emergency system that opens all ventilation shafts, causing rain water to come through the ceiling.

Conservative members claim that Norman Foster designed building has been beset by problems since it opened in July 2002, with reported internal windows spontaneously cracking.

Ken Livingstone's response was for the Tories to move out. He told "As the Tories on the Assembly have such a low opinion of City Hall, I would be more than happy to move the Tories out of the building and make alternative office space available for them elsewhere."