Contracts cover works at Whitechapel and Liverpool Street stations

Foundations specialist Bauer Technologies has secured two contracts on the Crossrail scheme.

The first contract is Liverpool Street advanced station works (C501) – while the second is Whitechapel station advanced works (C511).

As part of the Liverpool Street contract Bauer will perform diaphragm walling, as well as removing a number of large diameter existing piles.

Bauer will also install a number of geothermal energy loops to the cages of the diaphragm wall. The work is expected to take eight months to complete.

Works at the Whitechapel station advanced works project involves the installation of a diaphragm wall for the circular Cambridge Heath shaft and diaphragm wall. The job is scheduled to last seven months.

Bauer will also remove the existing large diameter piles at the Durward Street shaft.

According to Bauer works on both contracts will be carried out in extremely confined areas.