The future of Architecture Week remains in doubt after Arts Council England (ACE) announced it would delay its decision on continuing the festival.

The body is to hold another round of consultation on the UK-wide event through September, following a review it commissioned from Leeds Metropolitan University, which was completed in May. Three options will be taken forward for discussion: an annual or biannual programme of architectural events around the country; a touring event held in a different region each year; scrapping the festival entirely.

Last year, ACE announced it was withdrawing funding for the 2008 festival and launched the review amid fears the event had become out of date. It said change was needed to keep it “fresh and relevant”.

Andrew Brow, acting director of visual arts strategy at ACE, said: “It is important we consult the sector more widely before making a decision.”

Ken Shuttleworth, founder of Make Architects, said: “Architecture Week is a very positive thing because it raises awareness. It would be a shame if they got rid of it.”