Airport also says its second runway proposal remains “on the table”

Gatwick Airport has updated its rolling capital works programme, announcing £1.2bn of investment over the next five years.

Major works planned include a £145m extension to pier six, £140m on car parking, £66m on runway resurfacing and £47m on resilience.

The airport will also spend £66m expanding international departure lounges in north and south terminals, and £31m on the railway station.

Another £106m will go on a replacement to its baggage screening system.

Gatwick also said its proposal for a second runway at the airport was still “on the table”, regardless of future developments at London rival Heathrow.

Construction director Raymond Melee said: “As we plan to grow towards 50 million passengers per annum, we will continue to develop the airport. These projects will be delivered in a way that will help us realise our ambition to become the UK’s most sustainable airport. 

“Regarding future runway expansion, our financeable and deliverable scheme for a second runway remains on the table. We will deliver a new runway for Britain, in addition to or instead of Heathrow, should the government give us its support now or in the future.”