The pylon designed by Block Architecture is the centrepiece of the city's climate change festival

A 29m-high pylon has been erected in the heart of Birmingham to draw attention to the issue of climate change.

The pylon was installed in Victoria Square by Cabe and Birmingham City Council to mark the launch of the city’s climate change festival.

Cabe said the erection of the pylon was intended to make the means of power generation more visible to people living in urban areas.

The pylon by Block Architecture is designed to look as though it has been dropped into the city from a rural location. It even features a section of corn field at its base.

Sir John Sorrell, Cabe chair, said: “ This structure is quite literally about reflection. The way in which cities are designed shapes how we live our lives in them. Their redesign can help secure their future prosperity - not least when it comes to energy generation and use.”

The Climate Change Festival will take place over nine days.