Geze has launched its Vetroslide glass door system in the UK, which is intended to combine aesthetics with functionality. The unit uses a stainless steel running rail paired with manually sliding glass leaves of up to 80kg that glide with the aid of a floor guide

The Vetroslide is designed to combine minimalist design with maximum transparency. It is suitable for a range of applications, including offices, retail and residential environments, as well as hotels and surgeries. Minimising the fixtures and fittings required for the rail and compatible with toughened or laminated safety glass, the sliding door system retains a high level of security and functionality while meeting aesthetic requirements.

Designed to be modular system, the Vetroslide has a rail made up of a point-fixed glass blade and leaves with filigree point-fixed rollers that take on the function of the roller carriage and include an anti-lifting device.

The stainless steel floor guide is fitted with felt insets to ensure quiet running.