Vitrulan, suppliers of glass wall coverings, has launched a new version of its VPP glass lining fleece – an alternative to traditional lining papers.

The company claims that its VPP200, which is manufactured from compressed glass threads, has been designed to provide a smoother finish than the company’s original VPP130 fleece, as well as being less brittle and much smoother to the touch.

Suitable for refurbishment projects, it has been developed to speed up decoration. It comes in 1m wide rolls and has a layer of pigment added during the manufacturing process to act as the first layer of paint, taking a whole stage out of the decoration process. It is also hung by pasting the adhesive onto the wall rather than onto the fleece, doing away with the need for a pasting table and making it easier to move into position on the adhesive bed.

The company says VPP200 is durable and low in elasticity, providing reinforcement to the wall substrate, hiding existing cracks and preventing new hairline cracks from forming. Once a coat of paint is applied, it can be washed, scrubbed and disinfected without fear of damage. Once painted, VPP200 is also fire rated to Class O standard.

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