The Italian green standard for new and existing buildings

What is it?

Italy works with the NC2.2 USA for ongoing projects, changing areas that relate specifically to US laws and parameters to Italian or European ones.

When and how was it created?

The GBC Italia was born in January 2008 in Trento, but to date there is no standard Italian LEED.

These are the main protocols adopted in Italy

CasaClima (or KlimaHouse) is less complex and more suited to countries with cold climate.
SB100 (ANAB - Associazione Nazionale Architettura Bioecologica) uses only natural materials and is adopted in some cities.
ITACA (Istituto per l'Innovazione e Trasparenza degli Appalti e la Compatibilità Ambientale) is a protocol that aims to promote and ensure effective coordination between the regions themselves to ensure the best connection with state institutions, local authorities and business operators.