What will the early days of Gordon Brown's premiership tell us about his leadership style? Send us your thoughts and you could win a bottle of champagne

What would you like Gordon Brown to do in the first 100 days of his premiership? Or better still, what would you actually do during that honeymoon period?

I’ve been canvassing (geddit?) for some views and had some interesting responses. At least one senior industry figure thinks that Brown should call a snap election “as there is nothing so scares the opposition as suddenly facing the voters”. This caused quite a stir in the group we were in – many thought he was a bit off his trolley. After waiting in the wings for 13 years why risk losing the prize in a matter of weeks?

His point was interesting though – if Brown is as self-assured as he often comes across, maybe he thinks that he can sway away the Tory upstart immediately?

What else could he do? Ditch HIPs, maybe? Go and tell George Bush what for? Move construction to the communities department? Resign and get a better paid job?

Please send us your thoughts and the best suggestion will win a bottle of champagne.