Money to be spent on improving energy efficiency with saving ploughed back into patient care

The government has announced a £100m funding package to improve the green credentials of the NHS. It will be used to help NHS trusts meet green targets and increase energy savings.

The money will be spent on improvements in electrical efficiency, building insulation, combined heat and power installations, and contribute to the Government's Climate Change Programme. Money saved by the scheme will be ploughed back into patient care.

The NHS is trying to meet two energy saving targets:

• To achieve energy usage of between 35-55 Gigajoules per 100 cubic metres for all new buildings - equivalent to up to one and a half times the energy usage of a domestic house - and 55-65 Gj/100 cubic metres for all existing buildings - equivalent to that of 1.5-2 domestic houses.

• To reduce primary energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions by 15% from 2000 by 2010.

Launching the funding package today health minister Andy Burnham said: “Many NHS organisations are pioneering innovative cost saving energy schemes. I congratulate those organisations and I would like to see more of these schemes across the NHS."

“The reduction of carbon emissions and greenhouse gases is important for the environment and helps people lead a healthy life. Saving energy also means cost savings in the long term that trusts can spend on improving patient care,” he added.