Government agency suggests building eco-homes on some green belt areas

A government advisory board has suggested that some green-belt land be used to build eco-friendly housing.

In a document seen by the Guardian newspaper, National England has suggested preserving the best and the most valuable green-belt land, but building sustainable homes on some of the other areas.

green-belt land

It will meet today to discuss the ideas.

Green belt currently makes up around 13% of the land in England. If the government agrees with the proposal, this could effectively mean ending its role as a divider of town and country.

The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) has condemned the report, saying it will lead to the urbanisation of the countryside.

Responding to plans for massive increase in housing numbers in Yorkshire, the organisation warned earlier this month that this would dig into the region’s green-belt land.

CPRE said this will lead to developers “cherry picking” greenfield sites in response to market demand.

The group warned that housing will only be part of the problem as new homes will mean the need for new roads, more schools, shops and community facilities.

National England has drawn up the document in a bid to tackle pressing housing issues as well as balance its responsibility towards preserving the countryside.