The Green Gauge is back in a slimmer form, highlighting the high points of sustainability on the web in the last week

Site of the week

We happened upon Business Green when researching energy trading schemes. We hadn’t heard about it before. Strictly speaking, it’s a partial competitor but it would be a little churlish to complain. But there’s so much to write about in this area, it’s a relief to know that someone else is trying to keep up as well.

Quote of the week

"Terry Sloan has simply failed to understand how cosmic rays work on clouds." Climate scientist, Dr Henrik Svensmark, questioning Lancaster University’s report which rubbishes his claim that global warming is largely caused by sun spots.

Story of the Week

The startling news that elephants were to work on UK construction sites was Building’s April Fool joke. However, it was so poetic that some who commented seemed to be ready to mount the grey monsters themselves.