Ministry of Defence’s estate arm appoints property consultant to procure contractors for Deepcut barracks relocation


Ministry of defence

The Ministry of Defence’s estate arm has appointed GVA to a lead consultancy role helping the organisation appoint contractors for the relocation of the Princess Royal Barracks in Surrey.

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) appointed property consultant GVA to the role, which involves identifying potential contractors for a £200-300m job to provide “an integrated infrastructure solution” for the relocation of the Princess Royal Barracks, Surrey - known as the Deepcut - to Worthy Down in Hampshire.

GVA said the contracting role would require the provision of infrastructure at Worthy Down, including training, catering, retail, and leisure facilities and living accommodation. The contractor will also be required to manage the relocation of military units to Worthy Down and the subsequent redevelopment and disposal of the Deepcut Barracks site.

GVA said the Deepcut site had the potential to deliver a high quality sustainable development of 1200 residential units and associated commercial, retail and community use. 

GVA said the Ojeu notice for the contractor would be advertised in early August.

The appointment of GVA comes after Building revealed the DIO has admitted that it does not have enough staff or skills to deliver its operations and, despite a cross-Whitehall crackdown, has been forced to bring in a raft of consultants to provide “implementation support” for “the ongoing DIO transformation programme”.