Uproar over building work disturbance to Hampstead Heath ponds

Swimmers have joined forces with allotment holders, residents, cyclists and dog walkers to oppose a construction scheme opposite Kenwood Ladies Pond, near Hampstead Heath, north London.

It is feared the work will pollute the pond and disrupt a popular swimming spot. Speaking for Kenwood Ladies Pond Association, Mary Kane said: “It is an exquisitely beautiful and quiet place. The work would destroy the ambience.”

Opponents also claim the basement will upset natural drainage patterns, while others object to trucks travelling down a quiet lane to get on site.

Architect Quinlan & Francis Terry gained permission to demolish a two-storey house and replace it with a new house including a two-storey basement. Camden councillors meet on 15 May to approve the construction management plan detailing how materials will be transported to the site.