Build to rent developer Get Living London’s scheme features skybridge

Build to rent specialist Get Living London has won planning permission for a twin tower residential scheme on the site of the former Olympic Athletes Village.

The London Legacy Development Corporation has granted the private rental operator consent for 524 flats, designed by Hawkins/Brown, in East Village’s No 6 plot.

The homes are housed in two towers, 26 and 31 storeys tall, which will be connected by a ‘skybridge’.

The skybridge will link the two buildings on the tenth floor, which is the location for a shared amenity space for all residents housing a dining area, screening room, working area, yoga studio and gym as well as external roof terraces.

The vast majority of homes in the development are one (267) and two (240) bedroom flats.

Residents of the blocks will also enjoy access to two roof gardens.

A “superlobby” will provide a concierge, informal working and automated e-commerce delivery / collection facilities. The consent also includes retail space on the ground floor.

The scheme replaces a previous consent for the site, granted in 2014, that proposed two towers on top of a 6 storey podium. The new consent also increases the number of flats by 102 compared to the 2014 consent.

Get Living London own nearly 4,000 units across the capital, with 2,100 homes currently under management and 482 under construction.

The latest development will bring the number of build-to-rent properties owned by the firm in East Village to 1,400. The consent increases the total number of homes planned at the former Athletes Village to nearly 5,000, according to the planning report presented to the LLDC’s planning committee.

Neil Young, CEO, Get Living London said; “We are delighted that planning consent has been granted for the enhanced proposals. With initially 1,500 homes under our management since late 2013, Get Living has accumulated a keen understanding of the successful aspects of life in East Village.

“The build to rent market has developed parallels with the hospitality sector, with a focus on customer experience and amenity. The approved proposals respond to these learnings and trends, incorporating innovative designs to deliver an enhanced and additional offer at East Village.