Dimplex has developed a rotary radio frequency controller and receiver for controlling electric heating appliances in the home, thereby minimising energy waste.

The company says giving advanced thermostatic control to “dumb” appliances such as towel rails, which don’t normally come with an integral thermostat, fits in well with the smart house concept.

The controller is simple to install and suitable for retrofitting, but can also be used in new-build projects, where the entire property’s heating control system can be constructed around it.

The controller fits into a single gang wiring accessory back box and has a maximum loading of 2kW, which is more than adequate for controlling electric towel rails and other heating appliances in the modern home.

A rotary dial gives the user control over the desired temperature, while a 30-minute boost button allows for quick warm-up, without any risk of the appliance being left on.

The unit is safe to use in bathrooms and other wet areas.

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