Designer wants developers to offer the Roadrunner bike as an incentive to house buyers

Wayne Hemingway has designed a folding bicylce for first-time house buyers.

The designer is offering the Roadrunner to housebuilders for £55 in the hope they will give them away as incentives.

A discount is available for orders of 250 or more and the company logo can be added to the frame.

Hemingway said that giving away bikes would contribute to sustainable travel plans and earn housebuilders points towards the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Wayne Hemingway, a patron of Sustrans, the UK’s leading sustainable transport body, said: "By gifting our funky, affordable, fold-up Roadrunner bikes to new households, developers are demonstrating that they are a forward thinking housing provider."

"Housebuilders really keen to be green and good employers should buy Roadrunners for their staff – they are a terrific and affordable employee benefit.”