The Heron Tower topping out ceremony is the first major one in almost two years

“This event is quite something,” said one guest at the topping out ceremony for the Heron Tower yesterday. “You don’t get many of these ceremonies done like this. Or with this many guests. But then look around. You would know that this was a [Gerald] Ronson event wouldn’t you?”

I have to confess that I am not entirely sure what “a Ronson event” actually is. But judging by the one yesterday, I would guess he has a reputation for knowing how to take good care of his guests. There was a constant, and seemingly never ending, stream of hot soup and gourmet canapés being circulated (who knew you could fit an entire mini chicken roast dinner into a scooped out new potato skin), a bar offering everything from coffee and tea through to spicy tomato juice and sparkling apple and elderflower cordial, and a mix of club chill-out music just audible over the murmur of networking and general appreciation for such decent finger food at 11am. In fact, if you took away the smattering of high viz jackets and hard hats in the crowd, this would have been the Holy Grail of parties in the London socialites' world – the icing on the cake being the exclusive location 40 floors up with incredible, unbroken views over London and beyond.

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