Public body outlines how £11bn investment will be spent up to 2020

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Highways England (HE) has published its delivery plan outlining details of an £11bn investment programme for the road network up to 2020.

The spending programme builds on the strategic business plans which HE preivously publised and identifies future goals for the road network in England.

The capital spending programme will see £1.8bn spent on the network in 2015/16 rising each year to £3bn in 2019/20.

£5.4bn has been allocated for projects outlined in the spending reviews of 2010 and 2013 and £321m on feasibility studies for future road programmes. £175m has been allocated for cycling, safety and integration for the five-year period.

Over the next five years Highways England will also invest more than £3.65bn in maintaining the strategic road network and improving safety for cyclists and at junctions.

Another priority for Highways England is ensuring that traffic flow across the network is enhanced, with lane availability not falling below 97% in any one rolling year.