Select Committee urges government to take criticism of HIPs seriously after hearing industry complaints

A parliamentary Select Committee has called the opposition to Home Information Packs "widespread" and "striking" and has urged the government to take criticism against HIPs "seriously".

HIP energy certificate

Lord Filkin, chairman of the House of Lords Select Committee on the merits of Statutory Instruments, said: "The comments which we have recieved from key stakeholdler organisations in the housing market are striking in the strength of their criticisms."

He added that the committee had "rarely seen such widespread opposition to proposals." Estate agents and legal bodies have told the government that they have not had enough time to prepare for HIPs and that there are not enough qualified people to assess property for their energy performance.

However Mike Ockenden, director general of the Association of Home Information Pack Providers said the committee had failed to talk to supporters of HIPs. He said: "This report is both slanted and jaundiced. It is very frustrating for those who wnat to see HIPs a success."

The Select Committee has been scruntinising the implementation of HIPs legislation over the past few weeks. It has been understood that opposition parties would call for a House of Lords debate on HIPs if the Committee's report proved too critical.