Second chamber renews opposition to Home Information Packs

The House of Lords narrowly voted against the introduction of Home Information Packs yesterday. The motion to revoke the legislation, due to come into law on 1 August, was carried by a majority of 20 but is unlikely to stop Hips being introduced.

Hips energy certficates

Speaking for the motion Tory peer Baroness Hanham described the policy as “ridiculous” and added: “There should be a complete rethink about the Energy Performance Certificates. They should be introduced on their own. They should not be part of the Hip process, which does not look as if it will be of benefit to buyers.”

Responding to the vote Mike Ockenden, director General at the Association of Home Information Pack Providers (AHIPP), said: “While yesterday’s vote in the Lords, which went against the latest Home Information Pack regulations was not fatal and will not hinder the Government’s resolve to introduce Hips as planned on 1 August, it is disappointing that the Tories have once again made a political football out of packs.

Ockenden said there were now 1,999 fully accredited energy assessors ready to produce Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for the 1 August.

He said that this was only one assessor away from reaching the government’s target of the 2,000 assessors, which were needed to extend the phased implementation of Hips to properties with three bedrooms or more.

“Despite this latest vote, which went against Hips by a small majority, it is reassuring that Government’s resolve, has not been shaken. Clearly Tory politicising is not going to get in the way of delivering this vital reform to the benefit of consumers and the environment.”

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