The National House Building Council may introduce league tables of housebuilders along the lines of the government rankings for hospitals and schools.

The idea to create a national league is thought to have been suggested to the NHBC by the DETR as part of its quest to improve consumer protection.

A spokesperson for the NHBC confirmed that it was considering the idea, but declined to discuss the role of the DETR.

The spokesperson said: “We are actively exploring with other interested parties potential methods of compiling data to bring about industry improvements.” An NHBC insider said the move was part of the council’s attempts to allay criticism from government and reinvent itself as a more consumer-focused organisation.

He added that the NHBC was looking to devise an acceptable criteria for ranking housebuilders that reflected both standard of workmanship and after-sales service.

The insider said: “Compiling league tables for housebuilders is not the same as ranking schools and hospitals. We’re talking about companies where a wrong word could ruin a business.

“We’ve got to think very carefully about the criteria we apply when ranking companies,” he said.

Crest Nicholson chief executive John Callcutt, who recently called for the introduction of league tables, welcomed the initiative.

“I’m delighted that they are responding to the challenge,” he said.