Corporation writes to housing associations to encourage participation in scheme giving away free bulbs to tenants

The Housing Corporation has urged housing associations to take up a scheme involving the giveaway of 8 million energy-efficient light bulbs to their householders.

Chief executive Steve Douglas has already written to hundreds of housing association chiefs to encourage them to take part in the scheme, which is being run jointly with EDF Energy and energy charity eaga.

The project, which is being funded to help meet the energy industry’s carbon emissions reduction target, focuses on housing association tenants in order to reach the priority groups of lower-income and older households.

The light bulbs – which use about 80% less energy than traditional bulbs and could save 1.1m tones of carbon dioxide over 10 years – will be delivered directly to households over a 12-month period from 1 September.

Douglas said: “Tackling fuel poverty and climate change should be key priorities for all social landlords. I’m delighted that some 2 million households will benefit from free energy-efficient light bulbs as a result of this initiative.”

Richard Sykes, EDF Energy head of energy efficiency, said: “Everyone has a part to play in tackling climate change. That is why we are delighted to be donating 8 million energy saving light bulbs to the Housing Corporation.”

Yashin Sarnaik, commercial manager at eaga, said: “Just lighting a house can account for up to 20% of electricity bills. Replacing standard light bulbs with the more efficient bulbs can reduce energy use by more than 25% in heavily used rooms.”