Icopal's formflash pops lead's balloon

A contemporary alternative to lead for waterproof roof flashings, which is lighter, cheaper and environmentally friendly, has been launched by building membranes specialist Icopal.

Because Roofgard FormFlash is compatible with all common building materials, it can be specified for all applications where traditional lead would normally be used including step flashings, abutments, chimneys, flat roof upstand cover flashings, and flat to pitched roof junctions.

However, being 50% lighter than lead, it is easier to handle and form and quicker to install, and because it does not have the re-sale value of its predecessor, it is less attractive to potential thieves.

It is also significant where the environment is concerned, being completely free of lead, other heavy metals and PVC, and being non-toxic it is environmentally friendly.

Manufactured from a strong and durable SEBS/bitumen blend and faced with a fine grey granule, no special protective equipment is required except for gloves to prevent cuts when handling.

Available in rolls 10 metres long, it allows flashings of up to that length to be installed without joints, helping to make it even easier and quicker to install.

Capable of being worked in temperatures normal to roof works, it remains flexible down to -20ºC and has exceptional weathering and UV resistance. Standard roll widths of 120mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 450mm and 950mm are complemented by special-order widths up to 950mm.

FormFlash is the latest addition to Icopal’s Roofgard range of accessories for flat roofing including plant and equipment and paving support systems, outlets, trims, vents and grates, and cable and pipe ducts.


For more information visit http://www.icopal.co.uk/contactus.asp