Architect teams with crystal specialist to create a 15m long chandelier that 'engages the space forcefully'

Star architect Zaha Hadid has teamed up with Austrian crystal specialist Swarovski to designs a chandelier that challenges the preconceived notions of what the object is all about.

The designer has redefined the chandelier as an object that "engages the space forcefully".

The chandelier incorporates 86 cables stretching from floor to ceiling at a 45 degree angle with over 8 tons of tensile force to create a fluted cone that carries 2,700 internally lit crystals.

Wrapping in a fluid vortex about the cone, the lit Swarovski crystals inscribe an ethereality in a light blue hue.

Being over 15m long, the chandelier is intended for a grand interior.

It will be produced as a limited edition sold through Swarovski Crystal Palace.