Invitees from the construction industry met at Building’s 240 Blackfriars HQ to discuss the use of data in building design

On Wednesday 24 February, representatives of the construction industry met for a drinks reception and panel debate on the topic of “A new age of insight: how to use data to ensure clients and occupiers get the best building for them”, held in association with British Gypsum’s Evidence Space initiative.

Speaking on the 19th floor of Building’s 240 Blackfriars HQ, five indsutry experts gave an overview of what they considered to be the most important aspects of using data to inform how buildings are designed and built, and what the main unanswered questions are in this field of study. The speakers presenting were:

  • Giuseppe Lacanna, postdoctoral research associate, Centre for Healthcare Architecture, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Michael Phiri, director of healing architecture
  • Kerstin Sailer, director of research and innovation at Spacelab, Bartlett School of Architecture and director of research and innovation at Spacelab
  • Richard Mazuch, architect and director of design research and innovation, IBI Group
  • Monica Parker, founder, Hatch Analytics

    Following the presentations the chair, Building editor Sarah Richardson, presided over a lively debate in which the audience had the opportunity to put questions to the panel. The event was followed by a drinks reception.

    To find out more about British Gypsum’s intiatives in evidence-based design, visit