The Confederation of Multifoil Manufacturers is being sued for breach of contract

A trade association for the multifoil insulation products industry is in a legal spat over advice it received about the changes to the 2006 Building Regulations.

The Public Policy Unit Centre at the Study of Democratic Government at Oxford University is suing the Confederation of Multifoil Manufacturers for breach of contract claiming the trade body failed to pay £34,090.98 owed for advice.

The confederation has refused to pay the money, and has argued that the PPU was never properly retained by it, and that it did not expect to be charged for the service provided, despite asking for a breakdown of costs.

Multifoil insulation, a very thin system consisting of several layers of reflective foil separated by insulation layers, which both insulate and reflect heat back into the building.

• In a new development the British Board of Agrement this week certified Thinsulex, a multifoil produced by Web Dynamics, as meeting the requirements of Part L. The BBA said it brought long overdue regulation to the multifoil market and brought clarity to a confused market.