HCP, the specialist heating division of SAS International, has launched an integrated service panel that can incorporate radiant heating to provide a hygienic, space-saving and energy efficient heating solution

The prefabricated panels are available in a range of sizes and can be integrated within a suspended ceiling or independently mounted. Panels combine a radiant heat source with M&E services such as luminaires, pulse switches, passive infrared sensors and ventilation points. Access hatches can be incorporated into the panels.

HCP says fabricating the modules off-site reduces build times and costs, and the use of integrated service panels leads to reduced programme times, as well as improving quality control and productivity. High-level installation ensures floor and wall space is maximised while the panels’ low operating noise levels help create a comfortable acoustic environment.

The pre-tested integrated service panels can simply be slotted into the modular structure providing a flexible solution for a variety of environments from offices to hospitals.