Jarvis woes continue after it is fined £200,000 after failing to maintain secure fencing at the side of a railway track in Liverpool.

Jarvis has been fined £200,000 for a breach in health and safety that resulted in the death of an eight-year-old girl.

In August 2000 Heather Foster fell 20ft on to a high voltage track in Aigburth Liverpool, while trying to retrieve a football. Jarvis had failed to maintain secure fencing at the side of the line for seven months before the accident.

Describing the rail maintenance firm’s conduct, Judge Nigel Gilmour QC said: “Jarvis had no system for inspecting, other than a gravely inadequate system which took place at night-time with men armed with torches at track level."

Diane Foster, Heather’s mother, expressed her relief at the ruling. She said: “The fine doesn’t matter – it is the fact that they have admitted to it.”

Network Rail were also fined £85,000 for breaching health and safety regulations.